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Selected Projects

  • Exploration of a gas storage cavern project in Central Iran
  • Evaluation of potash deposits (Saudi-Arabia) 
  • Systematic acquisition of geoscientific literature (national, international) for a special library system 
  • Site selection of potential CO2 storage locations in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania, Brandenburg and Lower Saxony
  • Technical due diligence studies for a salt mine (Germany) as well as gas and crude oil salt cavern storage sites (Germany, England)
  • Investigations of gas formation mechanism and human intrusion on radioactive waste repositories and associated impact on the safety of disposal sites (Germany)
  • Evaluation of a salt dome for the construction of an underground disposal site, risk assessment (Israel)
  • Disposal of low and middle radioactive waste, mine filling with insulation fluid under pressure, preliminary design (Germany)
  • Underground waste disposal; long term safety of a flooded mine (Germany)
  • Long-term safety assessment of an underground disposal site for toxic waste (Germany)
  • Geological evaluation of the disposal of toxic waste in salt caverns (Germany)
  • Laboratory investigations and radiometric in situ investigations for the determination of parameters characterizing a barrier system in a radioactive waste disposal site in rock salt (Germany)
  • Investigations of samples taken in repository limit drillings as well as pre-shaft drillings of a nuclear waste disposal mine (Germany)
  • Geological project coordination of 5 gas storage wells in salt (Portugal)
  • Geological project coordination and assessment of 3 wells for brine production (Abu Dhabi)
  • Underground storage of natural gas in salt caverns; geological planning, supervision and assessment of 8 cavern wells (Germany)
  • Conversion of 9 crude oil storage caverns into gas storage caverns; appraisal of geological conditions (Germany)
  • Crude oil storage in salt caverns; geological planning, supervision and assessment of 7 wells (Germany)
  • Aquifer gas storage; geological planning, supervision and assessment of two horizontal wells (Germany)
  • Evaluation of de-commissioning storage operation in a cavern fied
  • Suitability assessments of potential gas storage sites in Germany and The Netherlands
  • Pre-Feasibility assessment  of a salt structure for gas storage (Germany)
  • Concept for salt abandonment (Germany)
  • Solution mining of potash salt; suitability assessment (Thailand)
  • Investigation of overburden density for the optimization of gas storage pressure (Germany, Denmark)