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Welcome to the Storage Specialists


StorConsult - Main Activities

  • Systematic acquisition of geoscientific contributions
  • Investigation of special issues in the disposal of chemical, radioactive and toxic waste in mines
  • Long-term safety analysis of the disposal of radioactive waste in deep underground formations (human intrusion, gas formation mechanism, contamination of groundwater)
  • Geological evaluation of aquifers and salt formations for gas storage
  • Geological evaluation of salt formations for brine production
  • Preparation and supervison of exploration programs (seismics, gravimetry et al., drilling)
  • Investigation of overburden density for the optimization of gas storage pressure
  • Planning and supervision of geological and rock mechanical laboratory investigations
  • CO2 disposal - site investigations
  • Specific aspects in long term safety analysis
  • Rock mechanical assessment for gas storage and solution mining caverns
  • Rock mechanical re-assessment of the potential of storage under operation 
  • Feasibility studies (crude oil and gas storage, brine production, underground disposal)
  • Technical due diligence (gas storage facilities, mines)
  • Literature studies