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Welcome to the Storage Specialists



Welcome to the Storage Specialists

StorConsult stands for expert consulting in planning, construction and operation of underground storage for hydrocarbons and other products in salt caverns, aquifers and depleted reservoirs as well as underground waste disposal in abandoned caverns and mines.


Selected StorConsult fields of activites:

Consulting services for the acquisition of an existing facility (technical due diligence):                  

  • Determination of asset value
  • Determination of the technical status above ground and underground
  • Auditing of environmental standards
  • Evaluation of expansion opportunities
  • Evaluation of abandoned sites

Consulting service for a new storage facility


  • Geological site selection of potential structures
  • Rock mechanical preliminary design for the estimation of realistic working gas volume
  • Investment cost estimate (CAPEX)


  • Contribution in planning and performing of geopysical investigations for the determination of salt dome boundaries
  • Geological planning and supervision of exploration wells
  • Specification of rock mechanical assessments for the working gas volume
  • Assessment of the infrastructure
  • Authority Engineering
  • Proof of investment costs


  • Determination of the overburden density
  • Approval procedures
  • Interface management
  • Implementation and coordination of geological activities
  • Coordination of rock mechanical investigations and calculations

Contribution in the field of disposal sites

  • Coordination of joint ventures
  • Geological studies
  • Project management
  • Backfilling concepts