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Some questions during our projects make it necessary to work with different experts and companies, to achieve a holistic result. Therefore, StorConsult uses a network of partners to solve a variety of problems, which are highlighted in the following.


·         Geosciences and Reservoir Technology

We are working with institutes of renown universities to conduct investigations on geomechanics. Those institutes are also able to perform corresponding laboratory experiments. The spectrum also includes reservoir engineering as well as the determination of contaminated sites.

·         Rock Mechanic

We are working with institutes of renown universities to conduct investigations on rock mechanics. Those institutes are also able to perform laboratory investigations to determine various rock parameters. 

·         Mining

Projects (e.g. during Due Diligence) which require mining expertise are accompanied by mining specialists.

·         Drilling

For specific questions in the field of drilling (drilling methods, monitoring et al.) we are working with experts with extensive experience in drilling.

·         Completion Technology

For the technical installation of a drilling hole for solution mining or storage operation we cooperate with renown experts and specialist companies.

·         Solution Mining

The planning as well as the necessary laboratory investigations, in addition to the execution and monitoring of the solution mining process, is done by a company that has long-term experience in this field.

·         Plant engineering and Pipeline Construction

We have been cooperating with a renown and international operating company in above-ground facilities for many years.

·         Laboratory

StorConsult is working with chemical, mineralogical, petrophysical and rock mechanical laboratories of the private sector and universities.

·         Project Management

If necessary, we will also expand for major projects our own project management with available experts with a large variety of different subsections.